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Matthew Bland - A Public Message



Yes, I had this site running a few years ago, but in typical fashion I was a victim of trolling and verbal abuse resulting in the plug being pulled on my public social media sites. Those people who commit such atrocities don't realise the horrible effect and mental scarring it has on their victims, whatever their age. We are all human at the end of the day and this is nothing more than a job. I have never thought of it any different to any other job I've had in my life. I've worked bloody hard to get where I am today and I'm not going to have some jealous individual try and ruin that, no matter what they try to do. I've not only been verbally abused online, but in person and in front of my family, which is why I took a huge step back from acting and presenting. 

In the past six years, I had been a victim of a nasty vendetta where I was verbally abused and threatened by this individual and their family in public, on social media, their friends even tried to get in on the act, all of which resulted in legal action being taken against all those involved. Thankfully, they got the hint and stopped trying to tarnish my career and my personality. During this time, I ended up on a meltdown, hit with depression and the stress of it all even caused me to suffer a heart attack. People who I thought were friends walked away, refusing to talk to me, all because they heard one side of the story and didn't bother asking me if what was being said was the truth. But those who have known me for decades, stood by me and my family, knowing there is two sides to every story. If it wasn't for the evidence I had collated over the years and witnesses who first hand saw what was happening, I could have been in position where my life could have totally fallen apart, all because of these people seeking attention, their stupidity and others being lazy instead of using me as a fall guy. Even today, I know people still talk about me, but with help, I've learnt not to care. I have picked up my life, started wearing a smile on my face and continue with my career as life is too short. For those involved in their vicious campaign or believed what was said, karma is a bitch and it will come to bite you on the ass. For those who walked away, I don't care. It just proves you weren't really a friend you led me to believe, so why should I lose sleep over you? 

For those suffering from depression and mental health issues as a result of something similar or in general. My message to you is this. There is a big rainbow at the end of the darkness, its there for you and you alone. It just takes a lot of strength and help to get you there. Ignore what others think. They don't know the real you, so who cares what they think, you deserve happiness and the love from those who truly care. It takes little steps before you can get up and run, but I promise you can rise above it all. 

Take care!

Matty B :)

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